I began working in television at the ripe age of twelve on Nickelodeon’s cult classic ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’, then graduated to the writing team at sixteen - giving me loads of experience acting and writing scripts, with little to no life skills. So I doubled down and went to film school.

Since graduating from Ryerson University’s film program, I have directed in nearly every medium – from broadcast television, to music videos, to documentary films, commercials, and branded content.

Because I’m an actor myself, I speak the actor’s language – and I know how to communicate and create a safe container for both actors and non-actors so they can relax and enjoy the process.

I understand ‘story’ and how best to transmit the essence of a story, from my lifelong passion for writing and my work as an editor.

And I have a very hands-on and collaborative approach to the aesthetic and creation of the Image, whatever the genre.

I love all aspects of the work and I like to get my hands dirty. You are welcome to call me at (604) 666-6666 or email adam@bullrushpictures.com

What people Have to Say...

Collaborating with BullRush Pictures from concept to delivery helped us stretch into new inventive and imaginative arenas and produce a series of funny and engaging films that will have a lasting impact on IBM’s culture.

Robin Ashmore (Director of the Learning Center) | IBM

Even through the veil of fiction, you feel like you're witnessing real-life characters changing their lives - a credit to Reid’s direction.

Brian D. Johnson (Maclean’s Magazine) | Sheltered Life